The project

adVANced technoloGical solutions coupled with societal-oriented Understanding and AwaReness for Disrupting trafficking in human beings

VANGUARD aims to strengthen the fight against trafficking in human beings (THB) at the nexus of advanced technological solutions, understanding, awareness raising, and training in order to disrupt the trafficking chain at an early stage and address the culture of impunity. In particular, VANGUARD aims to provide an improved intelligence picture of THB, with particular focus on THB for purposes of sexual exploitation, labour exploitation, and forced criminality.

Research and Innovation EU project funded by the European Commission with a total amount of about 5 Million Euro

Kicked-off in November 2023 and will last for 36 months

Twenty-two (22) organizations from 12 different countries


Provide an improved and comprehensive intelligence picture of (cross-border) THB-related criminal activities and establish an enriched common understanding of the trafficking chain.

Develop improved and trustworthy AI-based innovative tools and solutions for detecting, identifying, investigating, preventing, and overall disrupting online-facilitated THB activities.

Provide enhanced decision support and investigation methodologies and processes derived from the capabilities offered by a trustworthy, transparent, modular, and easy-to-use suite of tools and the insights obtained through the captured intelligence picture.

Enable continuous evaluation and improvement of overall capacity building of security practitioners (Police and Border Guards Authorities) and their training over the developed tools and solutions to enhance uptake of new technologies for existing and emerging capability gaps.

Promote cooperation through improved knowledge sharing and communication, raise awareness through campaigns and initiatives, and deliver enhanced regulation shaping through policy recommendations on the basis of the obtained insights and knowledge.

Exploit VANGUARD’s main results by exploring their wider use, sustainability, and business feasibility, collaborate with relevant initiatives to enable further results uptake opportunities

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