Harnessing cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence to redefine the fight against human trafficking.

From comprehensive intelligence gathering to AI-based tools, innovation is VANGUARD’s driving force.


Empowering security practitioners with continuous training and advanced tools.

VANGUARD’s mission is to liberate individuals from the clutches of trafficking through knowledge, awareness, and decisive action.


Elevating the discourse, cooperation, and awareness surrounding human trafficking.

Beyond existing networks, VANGUARD aims to elevate the fight, shaping policies and promoting sustainable, impactful change.

Transforming the Fight Against Human Trafficking

VANGUARD will bolster the fight against human trafficking. Utilizing advanced technological solutions, comprehensive understanding, and targeted training, the project will disrupt the trafficking chain early on, addressing the culture of impunity. With a commitment to positive change, VANGUARD will foster cooperation, shape policies, and raise awareness to create sustainable impact against exploitation and injustice.


Twenty-two (22) organizations from 12 different countries

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